FIFA 15 - Barclays Premier League Announcement

Posted August 6th at 1:00pm.

The most popular league in the world and in our game is now the most authentic in FIFA 15.

All 20 Stadiums

All 20 Barclays Premier League stadiums now feature in FIFA 15. Up from eight stadiums in FIFA 14, Premier League arenas look, feel and sound as they do in real life. See more on stadiums.

Authentic Player Head Scans

Over 200 new player heads were scanned into FIFA 15 from the 2013/14 Premier League teams. As of November 2014, head scans of stars from promoted teams QPR, Burnley and Leicester were also added through an online update. We use the latest 3D scanning technology to capture a player’s true likeness and give them the most realistic version of themselves in a football game. See more head scans.

Broadcast graphics

Broadcast graphics you’ll recognize from international Premier League television feeds: team sheets, formations, score and clock, next fixture and player stats.

Due to console capacity, not all broadcast graphics available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 versions of FIFA 15.

Audio and Commentary

We visited and captured cheers, chants and sounds from over 20 live Barclays Premier League matches.FIFA 15 will have realistic audio to goal reactions, misses, whistles and over two hours of crowd-specific songs.

Goal Line Decision System

For the first time in a FIFA title we’ve implemented goal-line technology. Replay animations will emulate TV broadcasts after close calls and goal line clearances leaving you in no doubt about whether the ball crossed the line.

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