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FIFA 14 - PS4, Xbox One - Precision Movement - Producer Series

Posted November 26th at 4:50pm.

FIFA 14 - Xbox One, PS4 gameplay showing Precision Movement - every step counts. Learn more: http://o.ea.com/18715 | Buy now: http://o.ea.com/18716

In FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4, with 10 times more animation depth and detail, players now plant, pivot and cut, change direction and shift their momentum with the agility and explosiveness of elite athletes.

Players will have unique step animations instead of blended run cycles, which means that every step counts. Foot slides have been eliminated and players will use true bio-mechanics to shift their weight from one leg to the other as they run. This dramatically changes the feel, look and realism within the game as players will be more grounded as they move across the pitch.