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FIFA 14 Next-Gen Producer Series

Posted December 2nd at 12:00am.

Football fans around the world are about to enter a new era of sports video games when FIFA 14 launches for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


Elite Technique introduces new passes and shot animations. Pro Instincts allows for faster reactions and awareness on the pitch. Precision Movement enables players to move more realistically. Living Worlds drops gamers into a 60,000 seat stadium without leaving the comfort of the sofa.

To showcase these features, we have a series of four Developer Diaries highlighting each of the pillars that make up FIFA 14 on next-gen consoles.


Elite Technique

In our first video, producers Nick Channon and David Rutter describe how Elite Technique provides the player with an all-new suite of moves. Channon and Rutter also highlight In-Air Play, which allows for multiple players on the pitch to contest for an aerial ball.


Living Worlds

In our second video, producers Nick Channon and David Rutter showcase the all-new stadium experience in FIFA 14. Dynamic crowds, stunning stadium details and a deeply immersive broadcast feel help to make FIFA come alive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


Precision Movement

In our third video, producers Nick Channon and David Rutter explain how Precision Movement utilizes true bio-mechanics and more realistic weight-shifting in FIFA 14.


Pro Instincts

In our final video, producers Nick Channon and David Rutter highlight how Pro Instincts in FIFA 14 allow players to be fully aware of their surroundings. Anticipate a tackle, react accordingly and use body position to win back the ball.



Everyone is talking about FIFA 14, which is available in stores around the world. Pick up your copy today.

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