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Available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3

Experience an all-new way to play FIFA with Ultimate Draft. Build out a squad by choosing one of five players in each position from the entire Ultimate Team database, and compete in up to 4 consecutive games to earn rewards along the way.
Who's In Your Team?

Career Mode

FIFA 16 delivers two of the FIFA community's most requested feature updates for Career Mode: Pre-Season Tournaments and Player Training.

A fully authentic Bundesliga broadcast package. More than 350 new or updated player starheads. New weather conditions, and over 900 chants captured from real world stadiums. See how FIFA 16 is the most authentic entry in the franchise to date.
Real World Authenticity

New Stadiums

See exclusive images of the new stadiums added to FIFA 16 and the complete list of all licensed grounds.

Women are IN THE GAME. Compete as 12 Women's National Teams, for the first time in the FIFA franchise, in Kick Off, an Offline Tournament, and Online Friendly Matches.
In the Game

FIFA 16 - Play Beautiful

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