Step Into the Octagon With EA SPORTS UFC

A hero to martial arts fans around the world, Bruce Lee’s skills and philosophies have had an invaluable impact on modern MMA and its biggest stars. Purchase him for play today or unlock him by beating career mode. Everybody wants to be Bruce Lee - and in EA SPORTS UFC everybody can.
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Unprecedented Fighter Likeness

EA SPORTS UFC has set a new bar for character likeness and emotion in gaming. Every single licensed fighter in the game has been created from high resolution 3D head and body scans to deliver revolutionary character likeness and authenticity. Powered by EA SPORTS IGNITE, new facial animation technology delivers more expression, emotion and will communicate greater sense of awareness and intelligence in the Octagon.

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For the first time ever in a UFC video game, EA SPORTS UFC invites fight fans to kick off their career on The Ultimate Fighter stage. Dive deep into our extensive career mode below and get all the details on how to win your way into the UFC through TUF, hone your skills, gain fans,and eventually earn your spot in the UFC Hall of Fame.
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Full Body Deformation

Until now, simulation of physical contact between fighters was limited to bodies that barely made contact with each other; as a result, they looked and behaved like action figures made of plastic rather than elite athletes. The team that revolutionized sports by bringing authentic physics to Fight Night changes the game again with an all-new, full-body deformation system that moves and displaces the fighter’s flesh in real time. For the first time, the strength of every submission and power of every strike will truly make an impression.

Pull off jaw-dropping moves inside Octagon, including roundhouse kicks, superman punches and much, much more. Combine those abilities with the best striking technology in the industry striking in a mixed martial arts game has never looked so fluid. Find your rhythm, make ‘em miss and then make ‘em pay.
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Sharpen your striking skills.

Learn how to mix it up and put together the perfect striking offense with EA SPORTS UFC’s tips and trick series.



To own the belt, you have to be dominant on your feet and on the mat. EA SPORTS UFC re-invents the ground game to create a battle for position and control that captures the strategy of a submission battle. It’s a struggle of progression vs. resistance in EA SPORTS UFC as fighters work through multiple stages to advance or escape from a fight-ending submission.
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Sink in the submission - finish the fight.

Learn how to score the perfect submission from start to finish with EA SPORTS UFC’s Tips and Tricks series.