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Thank FIFA 14 it's Friday

Posted September 9th at 12:00am.

The FIFA 14 Demo is here and is your first opportunity to join the FIFA armada. Take the World Tour to explore the world of FIFA 14, from Chicharito’s FIFA Amigos to Tim Cahill’s FIFA Celebrations Oz Style. You can also unlock Camp Nou, add to our FIFA Commandments and get ready for FIFA Ultimate Team boom time! Start your journey today.

Australian FIFA fans, get excited! Starting September 27th, #TFIFA14IF is coming your way.

What is #TFIFA14IF?

#TFIFA14IF is a movement. Bringing players of all experience and skill together in a true challenge of FIFA 14.

#TFIFA14IF is connection. Connecting your lounge room to the world.

#TFIFA14IF is mateship. Bringing friends closer through trials and tribulations inflicted on one another…

#TFIFA14IF is where memories are made and bragging rights won. It’s an unbelievable goal, a crunching tackle, an acrobatic save.

#TFIFA14IF is the love of the game because we are FIFA 14.

Talk to us on Twitter and Facebook to find out about #TFIFA14IF challenges, prizes and giveaways.

Make every Friday a Thank FIFA 14 It’s Friday! Download the demo now.