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Posted May 22nd at 12:00am.

Introducing the EA SPORTS IGNITE engine

Sports video games are about to change forever. EA SPORTS IGNITE is the new engine that will power EA SPORTS™ games on the next generation consoles. Beyond just a rendering engine, EA SPORTS IGNITE also incorporates run-time physics, player intelligence, animation, locomotion and online systems into one powerful, new engine. For the first time, EA SPORTS games will be alive, further blurring the line that separates the real-world from the virtual.   

Human Intelligence

Fueled by EA SPORTS IGNITE, athletes will finally be alive from the neck up. Players in EA SPORTS games will feature human-like intelligence, contextual awareness and instincts. Players will think and analyze the action, anticipating and reacting to what’s occurring around them. The Intelligence system of the EA SPORTS IGNITE engine delivers four times as many calculations per second than previously possible.

True Player Motion

With ten times greater animation fidelity driving the new locomotion system, EA SPORTS IGNITE recreates dynamic movements and real-world biomechanics. True athleticism is now possible, with players able to accelerate, plant, pivot and cut with the agility and explosiveness of professional athletes.

Living Worlds

The atmospheres will not only look real, but they will feel real. EA SPORTS IGNITE delivers environments that are alive with stunning visual accuracy, as ever-changing as real-world stadiums that evolve throughout a match. For the first time, 3D crowds and dynamic sidelines have emotions and intelligence, reacting to how the match unfolds. No two plays and no two games will ever be the same.

The EA SPORTS IGNITE engine will power FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, EA SPORTS UFC and NBA LIVE 14 on the Xbox One and PlayStation®4.