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FIFA Ultimate Team Legends - FAQ

By EA SPORTS Football Nov 22, 2013

Legendary players are now available in FIFA Ultimate Team, exclusively on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Fans have questions regarding their inclusion in the game and the team from FIFA 14 is eager to answer them.

Q. Which packs contain FUT Legends?

A. Legends may be found in packs that contain Gold Rare slots.  

Q. Do Legend items look any different from Gold, Silver, and Bronze players?

A. Yes, they will have a unique item shape and are white with a gold border.

Q. When and how will Legends be released?

A. All 42 Legends are currently available in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Q. What is a Legends “Spotlight”?

A. During the week in which a Legend is featured in the Spotlight, you are more likely to find this item than at any other time of the year. During a Legends Spotlight, all other Legends will still available in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

Q. Am I more likely to receive a Legend that is featured in a given week?

A. Yes, you are more likely to find that featured legend for that particular week.

Q. When does the Spotlight change to a new Legend?

A. The Spotlight will change to a new Legend each week on Friday at 6pm UK time (9am Pacific).

Q. How often will the Legends Challenge change?

A. The Legends Challenge is renewed on a weekly basis depending on which Legend(s) are being spotlighted.

Q. How many times can I play the Legends Challenge?

A. You can play the Legends Challenge squad as often as you like. However, you will only receive one coin reward for completing the challenge.  

Q. Why do I only receive a coin reward when I play and win a Legends Challenge?

A. Coin rewards are available once per challenge, for a specific period of time. The coin reward will be reset at a later date.

Q. Will Legends come to PlayStation3 or PlayStation4?

A. FUT Legends are available exclusively on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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