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Legends Join FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Craft your FIFA 14 Ultimate Team with a mix of legendary players and today’s football stars. Each Legend has unique attributes that showcase the skills and flair from the height of their careers. Legends will be available for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One at launch. Each Legend may be found in all packs that generate Rare Gold Items in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team
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Chemistry Styles

New to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team are Chemistry Styles, which add an extra layer of depth to the Chemistry system. Use Chemistry Styles to personalise each player within your squad to fit your own style.
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Expanded & Improved Seasons Mode

Compete online or offline, featuring 10 divisions with promotion, relegation and coveted titles in the new Seasons mode. Track your stats and earn rewards such as coins or items along the way.

Search Improvements

The Transfer Market is the place to find new items to improve your FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. The new search function gives users powerful tools to find the right player quickly and easily.

Customise Player roles and Kit Numbers

Just landed a new superstar striker? Make sure he gets the right kit number and proper role on the team to ensure a good start for your squad.

Online Single Match

Want to try out a new formation or player before the next season match? Use the new Single Online Match option to match up with a similar squad to test it out.

New Formations

Nine new formations create options for your style of play. Change formations on a match-to-match basis and counter your opposition.
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Carry Over

Transfer your FIFA Points between Xbox 360 and Xbox One or between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation®4
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