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Streak Down The Wings

Ronaldo, Ribery, Di Maria. What common traits do these world-class players have? The answer is that they all play on the wings and possess an unbelievable amount of speed. 

Speed and Dribbling, represented by the PAC and DRI attributes on a FUT item, are two of the most important attributes a wing player can have because you can build your offense around speedy wing players who can control and dribble the ball down the flanks. Other key attributes to focus on are a player’s shooting (SHO) and passing (PAS) attributes. These attributes should tell you whether they are good at passing the ball or taking a shot at goal or both.

Attacking players like Walcott, Biabiany, and Hazard are some of the wing players who possess exceptional pace and good dribbling skills.

Having very fast wingbacks that can jump in on the attack is also a nice luxury to have. Some of the more fleet-footed wingbacks are Dani Alves, Kyle Walker, and Ignazio Abate 

If you enjoy playing an attacking style of football, just remember, that the faster you can dribble down the pitch, the higher chance your squad has of scoring epic goals! 

There are many wingers that will offer you great value for the coins you’ll spend and they include: Gervinho, Ibrahim Afellay, and Junior Hoilett.