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Solid As a Rock

Centre-backs (CB’s) are the rocks of your backline. Quality CB’s are the ones that prevent goals from being scored and can also chip in some offense. The two attributes that you should focus on for your CB’s are high Defence (DEF) and Heading (HEA). The higher these stats are, the higher the quality player you’re getting.

A fun part of FUT is scouting the market and finding solid CB’s that have good DEF, HEA, and PAC attributes. Some of the best CB’s in FUT are Thiago Silva, Giorgio Chiellini, and Sergio Ramos because they all possess these qualities. Their high attributes will cost you more coins, however, so it becomes important then to search the market for some quality CB’s at more reasonable coin prices. 

Having defenders that are quick, can defend and head the ball well are good to have in your squad.  Here are some reasonably priced defenders in Diego Godin, Aurelien Chedjou, and Ashley Williams.