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Perfecting Chemistry

In FUT, building the best possible squad requires strong Chemistry.  Both players and teams perform at their best when their individual and squad Chemistry rating is high.

A strong team Chemistry rating is important in FUT because your squad will play better because they have more in common with each other than a random squad would.  Since they’re more familiar with each other, you’ll see the results on the pitch in the form of jaw-dropping passes, majestic long balls and epic goals! 

Achieving high Chemistry is shown by the green lines and can be done in a number of ways.  Placing players in their preferred positions and linking them with fellow players from the same club, league, and or nationality, will boost Chemistry.  Choosing a manager with the same nationality or league as the players on your roster will also increase Chemistry.  Players who have been loyal to a club will obtain a Chemistry boost.  A player signed from the transfer market will need to play ten matches before becoming loyal whereas, all players obtained in packs or who were in the FUT starter pack, will automatically have this boost applied. 

While it would be nice to have Messi play alongside Lewandowski, it wouldn’t increase Chemistry because they aren’t from the same country or league.  Messi playing alongside Di Maria would be an example of good Chemistry because they play in the same league and are from the same country.