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Dev Blog: Career Mode

Check out the new and improved Career Mode in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14, featuring the LPGA Tour for the first time in the history of the franchise.

Dev Blog: Simulation Difficulty

New to Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 is the Simulation difficulty level, which will give hardcore Tiger players the challenge they've been waiting for. 

Dev Blog: Swing Style

Learn more about the all-new Swing Style feature in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14. Choose your Type, Shape, Trajectory, and Handedness before teeing it up. 

Coins, Course Mastery, and Boost Pins

Hey Tiger Fans, this is Justin "HANDSWARD" Patel and I am one of the designers for Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 13. I am here to tell you about several new features in the game that are all based around our new in-game currency, also known as Coins. With Coins you will be able to access content in the game that normally costs you money. Let's dive right in...