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NHL 15 - Player Ratings

NHL 15 launches in North America on September 9. Stay up to date on all NHL 15 player ratings with the new Ratings Hub. Player ratings are based on scouting reports provided by a professional NHL Scout and take both a player’s offensive and defensive abilities into consideration.

NHL 15 - Authentic Arenas

See all the arenas in NHL 15

NHL 15 - Authentic Arenas - Metropolitan Division

The Arenas of the NHL's Metropolitan Division

NHL 14 - Hockey Ultimate Team - Team of the Week

Face-off against the best from the NHL in Hockey Ultimate Team.

NHL 15 - Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Game Modes

All the game modes coming to NHL 15 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

NHL 15 - Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Game Modes

All the modes coming to NHL 15 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

NHL 15 - Game Modes

Important information regarding modes coming to NHL 15, including the status of EASHL and OTP.

The Future of EA SPORTS Season Ticket

EA SPORTS Season Ticket is returning to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for one more year.

NHL 15 - Authentic Arenas - Atlantic Division

Check out all the NHL arenas coming to NHL 15 this fall

NHL 14 - Hockey Ultimate Team - Premium Featured Pack

Get the rundown on the latest pack offering in Hockey Ultimate Team

NHL 15 - Overhead Gameplay

This is your first look at overhead gameplay of NHL 15

NHL 15 - Hockey Ultimate Team - Ultimate Edition Pre-Order

Get the NHL 15 Ultimate Edition and receive $40 worth of HUT content