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First Look: The Vision of Hockey

NHL 14 is coming this September! Find out what changes and additions have been made.

HUT Fan Appreciation Day

You love Hockey Ultimate Team and we can't begin to thank you for that. Hopefully, we can make a few of you happy.

NHL 14 Features Revealed April 15

In only a matter of days, the first details regarding NHL 14 will be made public!

The Innovation of Hockey Games

With details regarding NHL14 fast approaching, we take a look back at some of the key aspects that have changed the way hockey games are played.

NHL 14 Dev Diary - NHL Collision Physics

Learn about the improvements and gameplay changes made to the collision engine in NHL 14.

St. Paddy's Day Jumbo Pack - HUT

Enjoy the weekend by getting the St. Patrick's Day Jumbo Player Premium Pack for Hockey Ultimate Team.

NHL 14 Gameplay Developer Diary

Learn about the new One Touch Dekes system and the improvements made to True Performance Skating.

HUT - Team of the Year

It all comes down to this! Help us decide who makes this year's Team of the Year for Hockey Ultimate Team.

HUT – Happy Hour Weekend

Want a to strengthen your Ultimate Team squad? This weekend, we're making it easier to get the best items from our Team of the Year Squad.

Online Roster Update Now Available

Enjoy the weekend by downloading the latest roster update, which also includes a few player rating boosts.

Online Roster Update Now Available

The latest online rosters for NHL 13 are now available for your downloading pleasure.

Luck of the Puck - HUT

Start off your week by grabbing the 'Luck of the Puck' Mega Pack, only for Hockey Ultimate Team. It's available for a very limited time, so don't delay.

HUT – Team of the Year Mega Pack

We've revealed the Team of the Year, now find them in the Mega Pack.

NHL 14 Pre-Order Offers Revealed

The puck drops on September 10th, find out where you can pre-order NHL 14 now!

NHL 14 Cover Vote - First Round Update

There are only a few more hours left to vote in the first round of the NHL14 Cover Vote. Check out the latest leaders.

NHL 14 Developer Diary - Enforcer Engine

Learn more about the Enforcer Engine in NHL 14.

TOTY Player Premium Pack

We're closing out the Team of the Year celebrations with one more Player Premium Pack offer for the weekend.

NHL 13 - Playoffs Roster Update

Rosters in NHL 13 have been updated to reflect the playoffs. Download it now!