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Upcoming NCAA Football 13 Title Update Details

Hello NCAA Football fans, I’m Jason French, lead producer for NCAA Football 13. I’m here to give you some information on the post-release updates that we are currently working on.

Dynasty Improvements

Hi NCAA Football fans, Jordan Peterson here and I’m happy to be the one to discuss the new additions and improvements to Dynasty mode.  Developing new features for such a deep mode that is also a fan favorite is always an exciting challenge.  This year, we have focused on several different areas to improve depth, make Dynasty even more dynamic, and strengthen the existing foundation of Dynasty mode.  Some of the new features include Scouting, enhanced Phone Calls, Dynamic Pitches, Breaking into theTop 10, and Triple Threat Athletes.

Get the Demo

Hey Everyone, Ben Haumiller here and with July 10th fast approaching it’s time to talk about this year’s demo. First off, I’m happy to announced that the demo is now available for download, so rather than just hear about the buzz coming out of E3, you will get a chance to get your hands on the game and check out all of the great gameplay improvements for yourself.

NCAA 13 Season Ticket Early Release

Hey Everyone, NCAA Football 13 producer Ben Haumiller here to tell you everything you need to know about EA SPORTS Season Pass and NCAA Football 13.

NCAA Football 13 October Title Update Details

Hello NCAA Football fans, Jason French, line producer for NCAA Football 13 back again to give you information on the next Title Update, which is scheduled to be released later this month.

Top 25 Teams in NCAA Football 13 Revealed

Hey guys, MadScientist06, EA SPORTS Game Changer and NCAA Football-aholic here. I'd like to reveal the top 25 ranked teams in NCAA Football 13. Enjoy.

Top 5 Rivalry Games in NCAA Football 13

Hey college football fans, Brian Parker of the EA SPORTS Game Changers here to break down the “Top 5 Rivalry Games in NCAA Football 13”!  One of my favorite parts of college football is the historic rivalries between the schools, and these games are some of the best around.  I’ll put the games in order of when they’ll be played on the schedule this coming season, so as not to start any debates over which of these games is the best in college football!

Operation Dynasty Deep Dive

What's up NCAA Football fans? My name is Dr. David Johnson (aka Madscientist06) and I am an EA SPORTS Game Changer and owner of - a NCAA Football and Madden NFL community site.  Those who know me, know that I am a NCAA Football Dynasty-aholic! I was honored to be invited to attend several NCAA Football 13 Community Events this year and because Dynasty mode is my absolute favorite, I was excited to be asked to discuss several of the new features of this upcoming release with you. Let's dive right into the good stuff!!!

Dynasty Presentation

Christian McLeod, NCAA Football 13 designer, here again, and today I get to tell you about one of the most exciting new additions to the presentation of  NCAA Football 13’s Dynasty mode- The ESPN Bottom Line and Studio Updates. 

NCAA 13 Community Blog - Road To Glory

Greetings, NCAA Football fans. My name is Chris Jacobs and I am a member of the EA SPORTS Game Changers program and you can find me at The Gaming Tailgate, an NCAA Football community site. Today I want to break down some of the improvements coming to NCAA Football 13's Road to Glory mode. 

How To Download the Demo

With the NCAA Football 13 demo available to download now, it’s time to get your hands on this year’s game, check out all of the new gameplay improvements, and unlock your 5 Nike Pro Combat Uniforms as well as your three Heisman Challenge Athletes. If you’ve never downloaded a demo before, here’s what you need to do,

Define the Dynasty

Today NCAA Football13 launched the third segment of its Playbook page. And if you click the blue hyperlink in the previous sentence and then read the webpage it takes you to, you’ll know a little but more about this season’s Dynasty Mode.

NCAA Football 13 - PDLC

Hey everyone, Ben Haumiller producer on NCAA Football 13 here to talk about the additional content available in NCAA Football 13 to enhance your game experience. Since we have a lot of different offerings to talk about let’s jump right into it.

5 Underrated Rivalry Games in NCAA Football 13

Hello again, college football fans; Brian Parker here from the EA SPORTS Game Changers to share “5 Underrated Rivalry Games in NCAA Football 13”!  We’ve already taken a look at the “Top 5 Rivalry Games”, so now we’re going to look at some games which have just as much importance to their fanbases without as much of the national spotlight.

Mole’s Top 3 New Road to Glory features in NCAA Football 13

How’s it going NCAA Football Fans. For those of you who enjoy the Road to Glory Mode June 11th was a big day since EA SPORTS was releasing the fifth feature playbook, “Road to Glory 2.0.” This year Road to Glory (RTG) added new features that will make the experience of taking an athlete through high school, working your way up the depth chart, gaining National exposure, and hopefully coming away with some Heisman Trophies and Championships better than ever before.

Sights and Sounds Presentation

I’m Jeff Ostergaard the Art Director for NCAA Football 13. It’s been a pleasure to direct the visuals for this year’s product, as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary. This cycle we’ve made some unprecedented choices when looking back over the 20 year history of the product. I can’t wait to share with you some of the new additions and improvements specifically to our graphics.

NCAA Football 13 - Gameplay

With many teams around the nation participating in spring football it reminds us that the fall season is just around the corner.  With that in mind, the development team here at Tiburon is busy at work putting the finishing touches on NCAA Football 13.

NCAA Football 13 Playbook #5 - Road to Glory Dev Blog

What’s going on NCAA  Football Community? It’s Alex Howell, back again to fill you in on my pride and joy, Road to Glory. Last year we introduced a lot of new and exciting features, so let me tell you a little about what we worked on this year.