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Upcoming NCAA Football 13 Title Update Details

Hello NCAA Football fans, I’m Jason French, lead producer for NCAA Football 13. I’m here to give you some information on the post-release updates that we are currently working on.

Dynasty Improvements

Hi NCAA Football fans, Jordan Peterson here and I’m happy to be the one to discuss the new additions and improvements to Dynasty mode.  Developing new features for such a deep mode that is also a fan favorite is always an exciting challenge.  This year, we have focused on several different areas to improve depth, make Dynasty even more dynamic, and strengthen the existing foundation of Dynasty mode.  Some of the new features include Scouting, enhanced Phone Calls, Dynamic Pitches, Breaking into theTop 10, and Triple Threat Athletes.

Get the Demo

Hey Everyone, Ben Haumiller here and with July 10th fast approaching it’s time to talk about this year’s demo. First off, I’m happy to announced that the demo is now available for download, so rather than just hear about the buzz coming out of E3, you will get a chance to get your hands on the game and check out all of the great gameplay improvements for yourself.

NCAA 13 Season Ticket Early Release

Hey Everyone, NCAA Football 13 producer Ben Haumiller here to tell you everything you need to know about EA SPORTS Season Pass and NCAA Football 13.

NCAA Football 13 October Title Update Details

Hello NCAA Football fans, Jason French, line producer for NCAA Football 13 back again to give you information on the next Title Update, which is scheduled to be released later this month.

Top 25 Teams in NCAA Football 13 Revealed

Hey guys, MadScientist06, EA SPORTS Game Changer and NCAA Football-aholic here. I'd like to reveal the top 25 ranked teams in NCAA Football 13. Enjoy.