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Fight Night Champion Title Update #2

Hey Fight Night fans!  We wanted to provide you with the details on today’s Title Update that went live this morning.  As some of you may know to prepare for the TU, it was necessary to make some changes last week which included rolling back some of the tuning changes made has affected online play which some of you have noted in the GD forums. Some of the tuning changes that previously existed are now a part of today’s update.  Thanks to the entire community for their feedback and patience as the team worked to get this out.

EA Takes Home Two Spike Video Game Awards

The Spike VGAs brought several EA titles into the spotlight, but it was Fight Night Champion and Mass Effect 3 that ended up stealing the show – and earning two wonderful gaming awards.

c45h's Blog - There is a Ref in the Game

“c45h” Nick Rask is one of the moderators on the EA SPORTS Fight Night Forums and a top ranked Fight Night Round 4 boxer.  Look out for more of his impressions of the game in future blogs. If the scandal of the Fight Night Champion “hidden ref” picture and the wave of discussion that followed afterwards were any indication, I’d say boxing is alive and well in the hearts of many. That passion for boxing rings true throughout the hallowed Fight Night Halls of EA Canada, and it was within these halls that six men would enter intending to speak and echo the powerful voice of the Fight Night Community. And with halls that big, that mighty voice rangith’...

Fight Night Champion Delivered A La Carte Exclusively on PSN; Full-Game Digital Download on XBOX LIVE

Fight Night Champion producer Jazz Brousseau here to give you the run-down on Fight Night Champion available as a customizable digital download starting at $4.99 exclusively for PlayStation 3 gamers and as a full-game digital download for $29.99 through the Games on Demand library on XBOX LIVE.

Lace Up Your Gloves: Fight Night Champion Now Available For Download

Hey, champ. Hope you’ve got that hard right hook down, because Fight Night Champion just went digital. Get all the gritty intensity of the original title as an easy, direct download from either PlayStation Network or Xbox LIVE, starting today.

Manny Pacquiao and the Greatest P4P Boxers of All-Time

Last week in conjunction with ESPN, we put out a few simulations featuring Pound-for-Pound Champion Manny Pacquiao pitted against some of the best boxers of all time.  Today we’ve put them together so you can offer your opinions on what might have happened in these fights that never were.  EA SPORTS’ Aaron Boulding and I offer up our thoughts to stir the pot and get things going.

Pacquaio vs Mosley: The Fight Night Verdict

In the final sim we conducted with ESPN last week, we matched-up Manny Pacquiao against his May 7th opponent, Shane Mosley, in what's sure to be the fight of the year for Pacquiao's WBO Welterweight Championship.  Both fighters love a good fight and don't expect to see either running from an opportunity to exchange punches in the middle of the ring.

Fight Night Champion DLC Details

You’ve been playing Fight Night Champion day-in and day-out for the past month with the demo and the full game and though you can’t get enough, you want more!  Well, you’ll only have a few more days to wait as a new batch of Downloadable Content will be making their way to the Fight Night Store.  The DLC will be released on March 29th worldwide on XBOX 360, and for PS3 users the DLC will be available on March 29th in North America/Japan and on March 30th in Europe.  Here are the details:

Fight Night Champion Goes Retro

When you add up all of the boxers, features and details included in the new downloadable content packs for Fight Night Champion, you will have in your hands a kind of interactive boxing history lesson.  We’re not going back to the very beginning of the sport because things get muddled. But starting with bare-knuckle brawls and some of the legendary fighters from the early 20th century and continuing on through to modern fighters and the way they looked at earlier points in their careers, you’ve been given an opportunity re-create some iconic fights and experience some pivotal moments in the sport.

Producer Blog - Legacy Mode Venues #3

Hey Fight Night fans, Jazz back with one last blog looking at Legacy Mode venues you’ll be able to train your boxer at during your road to become a champ.  If you missed the first venue blog featuring the Home Gym, North Philly Gym, and the Motor City Boxing Club check out details on those venues and learn about the Campeon Del Mundo Boxing Gym and the All England Boxing Club in the second venue blog here.

The Champ Has Arrived! Fight Night Champion in Stores Now

EA announced today that EA SPORTS Fight Night Champion is now available in North America and will launch worldwide on March 4, 2011.

Step Into the Ring with EA SPORTS Fight Night Champion in the Virgin Gaming $10,000 Online Tournament

The talking is just about done and it’s time to step into the ring as Fight Night Champion makes its debut on consoles everywhere March 1st!  In case you haven’t already pre-ordered your copy of the game, do so through GameStop and you can enter the Virgin Gaming $10,000 Online Tournament!  You’ll have until March 22nd to pick up your copy, however, the qualifying Leaderboard Challenge begins March 8th.

Producer Blog - Legacy Mode Venues

Fight Night Champion Producer Jazz Brousseau gives a few details about the venues that you will have to choose from to train your Legacy Mode fighter. 

Producer Blog - Legacy Mode Venues #2

Hey Fight Night fans, Jazz back with the second of three blogs looking at Legacy Mode venues you’ll be able to train your boxer at during your road to glory.  If you missed the first venue blog featuring the Home Gym, North Philly Gym, and the Motor City Boxing Club.

Tuner Set Update for 4/27

Greetings Fight Night peoples. A quick update for you on the upcoming release of a new Tuner Set for Fight Night Champion. The update should go live in the wee early tomorrow morning (10AM-GMT 04/27/2011). Since this is the first iteration of Fight Night that has supported gameplay updates via tuner sets, the process of creating and testing them is something entirely new the team and something we hope to become more efficient at in the future.

Title Update to be Released with DLC

I just wanted to start off with a huge thanks to our rabid fighting & gaming community for their constant feedback on the official Fight Night Champion Forums.  The developers have been reading the feedback non-stop and working on getting out the first Title Update to coincide with the DLC package set to launch at the same time.  We are still looking at locking down the exact release date and we’ll be sure to share that with you once that has been determined. 

Pacquiao. For the People

As Manny Pacquiao prepares for his May 7th bout against Shane Mosley, you can be sure to find fans everywhere getting ready for another historical moment in boxing.  For those lucky enough to be in Los Angeles this Friday however, you might want to make your way to the Nike Vault on S. Figueroa to check out the one of a kind Manny Pacquiao Experience.