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Blitz Animations

Flying through the air, crashing to the ground, diving, spinning—animations 'make it happen.'  Hi this is Glenn Royer, lead animator for NFL Blitz.  If you've played Madden NFL or NCAA football but are new to Blitz, you'll notice instantly that the action moves very fast, and the players have a penchant for becoming airborne.  Blitz animations are fast, powerful, and sometimes crazy.  Today it'll be my pleasure to bring you Blitz's "greatest hits".

NFL Blitz Gameplay

Gameplay is the heart of NFL Blitz. So when we started putting the gameplay together, we knew we had to get it right. It took a lot of code, a lot of play time, and maybe a few curses, but the end result is true to the old series while bringing a new feel to the game. When you play it, you can’t help but know that this is NFL Blitz!