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NHL® 13

Playing the System: NHL 13 Forecheck Strategy Tutorial

Hey everyone, my name is Kory Wielenga and I’m an EA SPORTS Game Changer. Hockey is an incredibly fast game. NHL 13 does a great job in recreating the intensity and speed of the sport with True Performance Skating and gamers have done a great job adapting and learning the intricacies of the new engine.

KidShowtime’s Look at Hockey I.Q. in NHL 13

Hockey is the fastest team sport in the world. Designing a video game with that in mind can present some real struggles as a development team. Every minute of game play involves hundreds of split decisions by not only the user, but the A.I. as well. There are many variables to be aware of on the ice; the positioning of your opponent, the flow of the puck, and a sense that you sometimes need to see the future in order to maintain a grasp on a game that moves so quickly that each decision can have a huge impact on the outcome.