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Madden NFL 13

Madden NFL 13 at a Glance

With the launch of Madden NFL 13 and the football season right around the corner we’re ready for some football! 

History of SSX

The release of SSX this week has brought back memories for a lot of people, but not everyone knows where the game started. The executive producer and creative director of the first game was Steve Rechtschaffner, the inventor of the now Olympic snowboard event, Boardercross. In fact, SSX stands for snowboard super cross.

EA SPORTS E3 Viewing Guide

E3 is a magical time of year when fans get a glimpse into the future of gaming. We here at EA SPORTS love it because it gives us a chance to show off all the new innovations we’re making in our games. To help you plan your E3 information consumption we’ve put together a viewing schedule so you know when to hit the site and when you can squeeze in a nap.

E3 Day One in the Books

Massive game news, celebrity visits and game demos rounded off the first day of E3. Snoop Dogg got hands on with FIFA, NCAA, Madden and NHL, Gary Bettman checked in on the NHL franchise and fans from all over nominated Madden and FIFA for Best of E3.

EA SPORTS: What’s Trending May 7th

It seems the NHL playoffs and our NHL 13 Cover Vote are the things that are on your mind this week. Oh, and how much you’re looking forward to Madden 13 blowing your mind. Want to see your tweet on the What’s Trending Report? Tweet at us and we could pick yours. Did you see a priceless tweet that we missed? Drop it in the comments!

EA SPORTS News of the Week

It’s been cover vote madness in the office this week. We’ve tallied the votes for NCAA 13 and we’re sitting on the edge of our seats to see what you, the fans, are going to decide for Madden 13 and NHL 13. And as per usual, we have news about a ton of other interesting things, like us sending you to Vegas to party your faces off, winning cash by playing video games and a check in on the football (ie soccer) world.