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Post-gamescom 2012: Change is Good

In the past several weeks, there have been plenty of articles written and reports issued that seemingly show the games industry in a downturn.  A few days ago, I returned from the gamescom show in Cologne where I saw the exact opposite.  There I witnessed hundreds of thousands of excited consumers looking to get their hands on new games, including hundreds of amazing new titles that represent millions of man-hours in development.  No matter which way you looked – this crazy industry, the industry I love, is more vibrant than ever. The energy, excitement and passion for what we do has never looked stronger.

Peter Moore: Battlefield 3 Begins

Welcome to the Battlefield!  Today we launched Battlefield 3, a groundbreaking game and more importantly, a game-changing service.

A Quick Clarification on "Online" Games...

I wanted to take a moment to clear up something for gamers that seems to be causing a bit of confusion.  Last week at Gamescom in Germany (what a phenomenal event that was, by the way – 340,000 gamers!  I’d need another post…), I spoke about the fact that EA no longer makes “offline” games. 

Peter Moore: EA SPORTS Season Ticket Arrives Today

For months, if not the past several years now, I’ve made no secret that I think the global language of sports uniquely positions EA SPORTS to be a leader in the digital transformation of our industry.  While we’re far from there yet, we have been laser focused for some time now on connecting fans from across the world through sports and games, on delivering year-round products and services, and on creating persistent experiences that span platforms. 

Peter Moore: EA SPORTS is Growing!

It’s an exciting time for us at EA SPORTS as we continue the radical transformation of our business.  There is now more opportunity than ever to bring connected sports experiences to our fans in a multitude of ways, on a multitude of platforms.  Success is no longer measured on the results of packaged goods, but rather in how we engage with our community and build a persistent, online world that is with you anytime and anywhere.

EA COO Peter Moore: Prepare for Battle – The Battlefield 3 Open Beta Is Coming

I’m a little more than a month into my role as EA’s COO, and while I spent the last four years inside the battlefield of the sports arenas for EA SPORTS, it’s a different type of battlefield that has me captivated today. Because today we announced that Battlefield 3 is launching an open beta on September 29.