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Playing the Best of This Generation – And Getting a Head Start on the Next

We know the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are coming in November, but first we've got a full lineup of games coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3 that we think fans are going to love. 

A Quick Clarification on "Online" Games...

I wanted to take a moment to clear up something for gamers that seems to be causing a bit of confusion.  Last week at Gamescom in Germany (what a phenomenal event that was, by the way – 340,000 gamers!  I’d need another post…), I spoke about the fact that EA no longer makes “offline” games. 

On Our Way to Cologne

When boarding the plane to head home from E3 back in early June, I had a hard time wiping the smile from my face. I left that show with a renewed energy for the gaming industry, and huge excitement for our upcoming lineup of games from our talented EA studios around the world.  Finally, after so many months…years, in fact…we were finally able to give gamers a peek at everything our teams had been hard at work on.

Resetting the Stage: New Consoles and the Next Generation of Gaming

Circle this day in gaming history – one we will all remember for the arrival of a long-awaited new era in console gaming.   Along with my EA colleagues, I was in Redmond today to see Microsoft unveil Xbox One, and based upon what they showed us, we should all be incredibly excited.

We Can Do Better

The tallest trees catch the most wind. 

Post-gamescom 2012: Change is Good

In the past several weeks, there have been plenty of articles written and reports issued that seemingly show the games industry in a downturn.  A few days ago, I returned from the gamescom show in Cologne where I saw the exact opposite.  There I witnessed hundreds of thousands of excited consumers looking to get their hands on new games, including hundreds of amazing new titles that represent millions of man-hours in development.  No matter which way you looked – this crazy industry, the industry I love, is more vibrant than ever. The energy, excitement and passion for what we do has never looked stronger.