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Madden NFL 13

Top 5 Features of the Madden Infinity Engine

The Infinity Engine introduces endless possibilities in Madden NFL 13. Gamers were pumped when they heard the word physics dropped at E3. SGibs and ZFarls have had the privilege to play with it as EA Gamechangers, here is what they liked the most!
NCAA Football 13

ZFarls Top 5 Heisman Challenge Favorites

Last week, SGibs and I were able to try our hand in the new Heisman Challenge mode in NCAA Football 13. As more online and gameplay specialists, we were excited to try it but not sure about being locked into a player or how long we would last.  Three full days later, we had played and completed Heisman campaigns with all 16 legends you can use in NCAA Football 13. Here are the top 5 things that kept us locked in for so long!
Madden NFL 25

Top 5 Madden Share Tips

Dive deeper into the all-new Madden Share feature, as EA SPORTS Game Changer Zfarls breaks down the top five ways to enhance your Madden NFL 25 experience.

Top 5 Defensive Adjustments in NCAA Football 13

Say you’re down 21 at halftime and the opposing QB is putting up Heisman numbers on your defense, what do you do? Going into each game you need to be prepared defensively with the ability to make numerous adjustments to slow down your opponent. In this Top 5 list we break down the most important defensive adjustments you will need to make all year long in NCAA Football 13.