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Madden NFL 13

Online Connected Careers Community Blog

Hey everybody, Jeff “RynoAid” Setzer here from Tradition Sports Online to break down a brand new game mode for EA SPORTS Madden NFL 13 called “Connected Careers” or “CC”. To me, Madden NFL is a competitive, social game that thrives on matchups, rivalries and measuring yourself as a virtual coach amongst your peers. When I was growing up this was done through the traditional means of gathering your buddies in one dorm room or apartment and grinding through weeks of a Madden NFL Franchise in one night, ultimately to see who was “King of the Couch”.
NCAA Football 13

Running a Successful Online Dynasty

Every year about this time i see the mad scramble of coaches clamoring to get into legitimate, active Online Dynasty's. They join, they play for bit and then they watch that dynasty slowly die for one reason or another. Inactivity, arguments, poor leadership, etc. Those are a few of the issues that plague the success and longevity of an Online Dynasty.