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NCAA Football 13

Mole’s Top 3 New Road to Glory features in NCAA Football 13

How’s it going NCAA Football Fans. For those of you who enjoy the Road to Glory Mode June 11th was a big day since EA SPORTS was releasing the fifth feature playbook, “Road to Glory 2.0.” This year Road to Glory (RTG) added new features that will make the experience of taking an athlete through high school, working your way up the depth chart, gaining National exposure, and hopefully coming away with some Heisman Trophies and Championships better than ever before.

Mole’s E3 Experience

Hello EA SPORTS fans! I am EA SPORTS Game Changer Devin Peden, better known around the community as "Mole". I also own my new blog site Each year the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) showcases the future of gaming and this year I got a chance to attend. As an EA SPORTS Game Changer I spent E3 getting hands on time with NHL 13, NCAA Football 13, and Madden NFL 13.