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Blitz Store

It's the time of the year when shopping seems to be on everyone's mind, and I'm definitely no different. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 2-day sales, whatever the case may be, people are lined up and ready to spend their hard earned cash on cool stuff for both their loved ones and themselves. Luckily, in NFL Blitz you won't have to spend a dime (outside of initially buying the game, of course!) in order to enjoy your very own shopping spree in our Blitz Store.

Blitz Elite Leagues

In football, building a successful team is no small feat and one that takes a lot of teams years to accomplish. Of course, once a franchise actually manages to put one together, maintaining and sustaining that success over multiple seasons is a whole different story. Coaches and managers are constantly evaluating their players from a number of different angles in order to give their team the best chance for success, and in Elite League, you'll be doing much of the same. Elite League is the deepest, and my favorite, of our new online modes. It allows you to build your team from the ground up and decide what you feel is best equipped to make your team successful for the long haul.

Blitz Co-Op

Teamwork. It's a fundamental piece of the puzzle for successful football teams. We've seen what can happen when players buy into the message (the New England Patriots circa 2000-present) and we've seen what can happen when they don't. Of course, getting a group of people to work together and communicate effectively is always easier said than done and if you've ever played any type of squad-based first person shooter with random strangers, you know what I'm talking about. Thankfully, playing cooperatively in NFL Blitz isn't nearly as painful, but the fundamentals are still important. Even though you might only be dealing with one teammate, you'll still need to communicate to have success against your opponents.

Blitz Battles

Competition and the desire to win is something that I think is ingrained into most people who play video games. Whether it's playing head-to-head against another person or trying to get around a track as fast as possible, winning makes us feel good and often times provides us with a sense of accomplishment. Back in the day, I used to spend a lot of time in arcades and the games I use to play all had one thing in common: high score tables. I use to love the challenge of finding new ways to get more points, climbing the list and just trying to get my initials above those of the person ahead of me. Heck, putting your initials in was a game in itself to see how clever you could be. Even today, you still see high score tables or leaderboards in most online games. People need competition to validate their skills and watching your name move up a leaderboard is one way to fulfill that competitive need.

NFL Blitz Gauntlet

Hey guys, NFL Blitz designer Yuri Bialoskursky here again, this time to talk to you all about fantasy characters! How can you not love these guys?! It seems like just yesterday that we were all sitting in a conference room having a meeting about them. Clearly, this wasn't anything like our normal snooze-fest meetings about schedules, hours or reviewing workflows.

NFL Blitz Art

Hey there NFL Blitz fans!  I’m Tony Stanley, art director for NFL Blitz, and I’m excited to share with you key information regarding the visual aspects of the new game. In terms of the art direction, we made a concerted effort to pay homage to the original title, while ensuring that the look of the game was significantly upgraded for the current high definition era.  The goal for the look of the art style for the new NFL Blitz was to keep a sense of familiarity from the graphics of the original Blitz game while adding a fresh, new look that appeals to the gamers of today.