Unlock Heisman Trophy Winners in Ultimate Team

Hoping to put your NCAA Football Ultimate Team over the top? Try to unlock a Heisman Trophy Winner to add some star power to your NFUT. Getting one of these awesome items is a three-step process:

  1. Complete a Heisman Hopeful collection with items from packs.
  2. Win a Heisman Solo Challenge game against the CPU.
  3. Complete a Heisman Winner collection and get your Heisman Trophy winner!


The blue tier of items, also known as “legendary,” is reserved for the Heisman Trophy Winner program. When you receive a legendary item in a pack, hold onto it! Blue items come in two varieties: the Heisman Hopeful player item, and a matching team Nickname collectible item. For example, if you have former Houston QB, you’ll want to find the Houston Cougars collectible to pair with it. These legendary items are sometimes available for purchase on the auction block with your NFUT coins. 


Once you have your two matching legendary items, send them to your Current Roster and then into your Pending Collection bin, which is a 10-item bucket used to complete collections. Then, find the Heisman Hopeful collection that matches your player’s name. Add the nickname and the player item to the collection, and you’ll receive the upgraded Heisman Finalist version of the same player. The previous two items will be consumed, but you will have upgraded your player in the process. In this case, Ward goes from a 91 to a 93.


When you complete the Heisman Hopeful collection, the matching solo challenge for your Heisman player has also been opened. Go to the Play Now tile and select solo challenges to battle against your player’s team for the right to advance to the next step. For example, if you can beat the Ware-led Houston Cougars, you’ll receive a special Heisman Trophy collectible. 


Once you beat your Heisman player’s team (in this case, Houston), all you have to do is turn in your Finalist and his Trophy to receive a Heisman Winner player item, one of the top items in all of NFUT. 

We launched NFUT with fifteen Heisman players appearing in packs, and we’ve since added #16, 2011 Heisman Trophy Winner Robert Griffin III. We’ll be adding new Heisman players each week as the season progresses. Further on down the line, we might even be adding Heisman finalists that didn’t take home the trophy.

Here’s a flowchart for the complete Heisman Trophy Winner process:

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