Dev Blog: Swing Style

The all-new Swing Style feature in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 allows players to create their own unique approach to playing the game. Swing Style consists of four components: Type, Shape, Trajectory, and Handedness. Each part of a golfer’s Swing Style will alter the way that golfer hits their shots. All of the Legend, Pro and Celebrity golfers in the game have a Swing Style that mirrors their real-life play.

Luke Donald is known for his consistent ball striking, so it is no surprise that he is a Control golfer.

Your created golfers will have the Swing Style that you choose for them. You can toggle the four different components to create your own Swing Style from 24 different combinations. During the initial creation process, you will be asked to set up your golfer’s Swing Style; however you can edit it at any point in the Swing Style screen.

Low and under the wind is my preference, with the Power to take it deep.

Type: Power vs. Control

Power golfers are given the benefit of extra distance with all of their clubs. This additional distance comes at a price, as Power golfers have much less room for error in their swing.

The extra distance of a Power golfer is displayed in the aiming marker.

Extra distance comes with an extremely small Swing Path on all shots.

Control golfers are given the benefit of extra accuracy with all of their clubs. They don’t have the distance that Power golfers have, but who needs distance when you are in the fairway all day?

The extra accuracy of a Control golfer is displayed in the aiming marker.

That extra accuracy translates to a wide Swing Path.

Shape: Draw vs. Fade

Draw golfers get extra accuracy whenever they hit a Draw. However, their accuracy is reduced when they hit a Fade. It works the same for a Fade Golfer, whose Draw accuracy will be reduced.

Luke Donald is a Draw golfer set up for a Draw. His Swing Path becomes larger than it was when he was hitting a straight shot.

Now set up for a Fade, the Swing Path becomes smaller than it was when Luke Donald was hitting a straight shot.

Trajectory: Low vs. Medium vs. High

Trajectory changes the altitude of your ball flight on all shots. This impacts three different parts of the game: 1) How far your shots will carry in the air, 2) How far your shots will roll after they land and 3) How much the wind will impact your shot while it is in the air.

Low Trajectory golfers can keep the ball underneath the tree line, avoiding some gusts of wind.

High Trajectory golfers fly the ball further and land it softer, enabling them to attack tight flag locations.

Handedness: Left vs. Right

Shaping shots is impacted by the handedness of your golfer. A Draw for a right-handed golfer curves from right to left. For a left-handed golfer, it curves from left to right. This impacts your Swing Style Shape and how your golfer benefits from it.  

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See you all on the course,
Justin Patel
Gameplay Designer Tiger WOODS PGA TOUR 14