Science of the Swing

Doesn’t everyone love math? Probably not, but you know what people do love…MONSTER DRIVES! There are a lot of components that go into hitting the ball 300+ yards : Club head speed, velocity, angles, and most importantly…flexibility.

Flexibility creates maximum torque, which allows golfers like Dustin Johnson (below) to get the maximum amount of force behind his swing – accelerating the club head speed to over 120 MPH. Johnson’s incredible flexibility helped him rank fifth in the PGA Tour in driving distance at more than 310 yards!

Players like Bubba Watson (below), the reigning Masters champion, get their length off the tee from their huge backswing. The bigger the arc, the bigger the club head speed. The average golfer’s backswing stops with the driver roughly parallel to the ground. Bubba swings 30 degrees past parallel – creating an arc of more than 22 feet and more than 3,000 pounds of force!

When the game’s longest hitters tee off, it almost looks like their drives are shot out of a cannon. And in a way, they are. The ball sits on a PGA player’s club face for about 0.001 seconds before liftoff, resulting in a ball speed of about 180 MPH. That’s about 15 miles faster than a race car. 

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