Still Standing: First Trailer

As EA SPORTS kicks off the Still Standing video series to celebrate the launch of Fight Night Champion, we want to bring you the voices of boxers who’ve seen every side of professional boxing; men who’ve defeated legends and been knocked out by tomato cans and who have all of the scars, physical and invisible, to prove it.

Pull up a stool and give a listen as former champs Tommy Morrison, Bernard Hopkins, Joe Frazier and Mike Tyson tell us what it really takes to step into the ring. In discussing Fight Night Champion, we like to talk about the mechanics and physics of the sport of boxing. The boxers in our Still Standing series show us that championship level boxing is a brutal showcase that reveals what’s in the hearts of men.

Beginning Feb 28th through the launch of Fight Night Champion on March 1st and wrapping up on March 3rd, the Still Standing video series on Facebook ( will take you inside the world of boxing according to The Duke, The Executioner, Smokin’ Joe and Kid Dynamite.

Have a look at the first trailer below and keep their words in mind when it’s time to fire up Fight Night Champion’s all-new narrative-driven Champion Mode. The main character, Andre Bishop, will thank you for it.