SSX Wins Big at the VGAs

Congratulations to the entire SSX team for picking up Best Individual Sports Game at the 2012 Video Game Awards.  Everyone here at EA SPORTS is incredibly proud of SSX’s achievements this year, and we’d like to thank our great community of fans who have been along for the ride.

Haven’t tried SSX yet and want to know if it’s for you?  Here’s the three ways to play SSX.

Race It

Way beyond your typical racing experience, SSX allows players to experience intense high-speed races down huge open mountains with multiple paths and no invisible walls to hem the player in. Challenge a friend in Explore, race with up to four other friends in our 3-2-1 GO! online mode, or take on the whole world in a Global Event.

Trick It

Defying the laws of reality, SSX enables players to pull off tricks that would make even the World’s greatest snowboarders sick to their stomachs. With a trick system and levels designed to deliver trick opportunities at every turn, linking your combos is a must for posting record-setting scores. Fill your Tricky Meter to unleash your favorite Uber tricks!

Survive It

A new gameplay element inspired by big mountain snowboarding, SSX asks players to survive some of the most treacherous descents on earth. Challenged by the power of Mother Nature, players will have to survive avalanches, white outs, freezing cold temperatures and much more as they make their way down these natural boss battles.