c45h's Blog - There is a Ref in the Game

“c45h” Nick Rask is one of the moderators on the EA SPORTS Fight Night Forums and a top ranked Fight Night Round 4 boxer.  Look out for more of his impressions of the game in future blogs.

If the scandal of the Fight Night Champion “hidden ref” picture and the wave of discussion that followed afterwards were any indication, I’d say boxing is alive and well in the hearts of many.

That passion for boxing rings true throughout the hallowed Fight Night Halls of EA Canada, and it was within these halls that six men would enter intending to speak and echo the powerful voice of the Fight Night Community. And with halls that big, that mighty voice rangith’.

To say I had a great time is to sell short the experience, but nobody cares about how pampered I was by EA (and when I say pampered, my hotel didn’t have soap, it had a “body cleanser” in a wrapper so hard to get into, it had to cost a fortune), everybody just wants to know about the game. So without further ado…*

* The previous Twelve (12) pages have been removed due to breach of NDA.

… and that’s just the improvements made to creating a more realistic feel to the experience inside the ring. When I say get excited for Fight Night Champion, you should really get excited for Fight Night Champion. This game has set the bar not just for the Series or boxing games, but I have a feeling it’s going to raise standards in other sports titles as well.

If you’ve ever said “they need to do this” or “it should have that”, they probably do. And if it’s not EVERYTHING you’ve ever wished upon a star for it to be, if you don’t see the improvements and the dedication from the Devs to their community, then you’re suffering from the same sight problems as the judges scoring Emanuel Augustus vs. Courtney Burton.

And with a name like “c45h”, you know you can count on my word.