A Quick Look at Gameplay

Producer Jazz Brousseau spent some time creating a few clips in the following video to illustrate some of the new Gameplay aspects you can expect to see in Fight Night Champion.  Here he gives you the rundown of how his bout went down.



From JazzBro:


Things are crazy here right now, so I’m just going to cut to the chase. I jumped into one of our game capture studios this week to try and grab some gameplay clips you guys have been asking for since we put out all our videos.


In the fight you are seeing here, I am fighting Hearns (CPU) as Hagler in a 12-round fight on GOAT difficulty with the presentation style set to Simulation and commentary audio off. 


As you can see, my play style is pretty conservative, especially in the early rounds. Even though Hagler has a great chin, I don’t like exchanging punches and prefer to lead with my jab so I can open up my opponent for power hooks. Very rarely do I throw more than 3-4 punches in a row and, when I do, it’s either because I’m trying to steal the round or because I think Hearns is hurting.


I try to keep to this strategy even when my opponent is stunned - there is nothing worse than going to town on someone just to have them come out of the stun state and force me to retreat.  Other than my jabs and straights, I also don’t throw finesse punches that often. I know Hagler has a lot of power, so if I’m throwing lunging hooks and uppercuts, there’s a good chance they’re power punches.


You may notice that, after Hearns caught me with a minor stun, I moved to the middle of the ring. I wanted to hit him with some lunging power punches. The first hook didn’t quite connect, so I stepped back and tried again. Game over.


Let me know what you see that’s different in Fight Night Champion versus Round 4 in the forums.