NHL 13 Community Impressions

We asked EA SPORTS Game Changers and EA SPORTS NHL Forum Moderators what they thought about NHL 13 after having a few days of early access to play it. The reviews are in and they’re extremely positive. Here’s what they had to say:

Overall Quality

“People often hold NHL 94 in high regard when it comes to discussing some of the best games in this franchise. The innovations in that title were impressive, and we still see some of those ideas translate to the game in our console today. I truly feel that NHL 13 is the ‘NHL 94' of this generation. It's not very often that a game that's released on a yearly cycle can seem so 'new' - but NHL 13 pulls this off.” – Kory Wielenga, EA SPORTS Game Changer

“I'm truly impressed with how NHL team has set the bar once again in NHL 13. Year after year NHL is easily my most played game, and I can confidently say NHL 13 will be the best hockey title in recent years.” – Jordan Arruda

“The step the NHL team took in the series took leaps and bounds from previous years, this year the game is addicting once again. It feels fresh, new, and a challenge to any skill level. This is thanks to the true performance skating and AI changes to the game.” – Oilersguru, EA SPORTS NHL Forum Mod

“Sports games can often receive the criticism that the newly released iteration of a series doesn’t feel different from the previous. Not uncommon to hear the phrase ‘x is the same as last year.’ And you can argue that they’re argument has merit. But in regards of NHL 13, you’ll be hard pressed to say it’s the same as NHL 12.” – Joseph Layne, EA SPORTS Game Changer

True Performance Skating

“The skill stick was revolutionary when it first came out, now you can add True Performance Skating to that list too. The new and improved skating engine is a huge improvement. You really feel the physics in NHL 13. It's not something you can see and judge off a video, you need to skate around for yourself to really appreciate the experience.” – Jordan Arruda, EA SPORTS NHL Forum Mod

“The addition of True Performance Skating is not just a new feature to the game; it’s a game changer. This is one feature that forces you to play the game different than you have before. True Performance Skating now gives you the authentic feeling of being a hockey player skating on ice. Now the way you carry the puck or pursue the puck carrier is different since you have to account for your momentum and speed, and in general skating ability. Every stride truly matters.” – Joborule, EA SPORTS Game Changer

“There is definitely a 'new beginnings' feeling when beginning to play NHL13, and you can tell from the onset that the team in Burnaby has done an incredible job in combining their real-time physics engine with the all new True Performance Skating. For the first time ever in this series, the players have a 'weight' to them, and you feel truly in control of your skater. True Performance Skating has opened up the door for players to creative with their skates - something that the series has been missing since the addition of the Skill Stick. The innovations behind TPS really do revolutionize the game in much the same way the skill stick did back with NHL 07.” Kory Wielenga, EA SPORTS Game Changer


“Hockey IQ, which makes the AI stronger, tougher, and adds a lot more strategy elements to the game.” – Joborule, EA SPORTS Game Changer


“The new ability of netminders to attempt saves with full control of each limb results in more authentic save attempts which make it tougher to find the back of the net.” – Brian Parker, EA SPORTS Game Changer

GM Connected

“GM connected has definitely set the bar for online hockey leagues. You can play however you want, and that's the best part. I know many people who participate in their own 30 man leagues with outside sources from the game, and those sources are no longer needed! You've got trades, you've got salary cap, you've got injuries, you've got waivers and call-ups too. Ontop of this depth, you can even play 6 on 6! It's so flexible in that it has a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy.” – Jordan Arruda, EA SPORTS NHL Forum Mod

NHL Moments Live

Fans of EA SPORTS Madden NFL franchise will find a touchstone in NHL 13 with the addition of a new game mode in “NHL Moments Live,” allowing hockey fans to recreate—or change—results from the past.  With the ability to play each "Moment" on four difficulty levels, the mode is immediately accessible to gamers of all experience as well.” – Brian Parker, EA SPORTS Game Changer

Presentation Overhaul

“The work done to presentation makes the game look prettier and replicate more of a broadcast feel that you see when watching your favorite team play.” – Joborule, EA SPORTS Game Changer

“The stadiums, lighting, and player models have never looked better, with the visuals seeing a significant improvement from only a year ago.  Little touches like the spray of snow when skaters come to a hard stop only help to enhance the presentation.  Broadcast-style score boxes and replay packages help transition from period-to-period, and stoppages in play now showcase players on the bench and on the ice as they watch replays on the scoreboard; the end result of these additions—along with a new “True Broadcast” camera angle—is the closest the franchise has come to replicating a real-life TV experience.” – Brian Parker, EA SPORTS Game Changer

“Representing a real broadcast is something that the team has done a great job with in NHL 13. Real time and A.I. driven post-whistle action, combined with the graphics overhaul, have breathed new life into a series which, graphically, hasn't seen an upgrade like this in some time. The addition of the True Broadcast camera angle now gives players the ability to play the game at an angle that represents the view you see while watching hockey on television. It's done very well and in the absence of player indicators - the resemblance to a real world hockey game is striking. It's an impressive feat for the development team as they're continuing to make the NHL titles look 'fresh' year after year and push these consoles to give us an incredible looking hockey title.” – Kory Wielenga, EA SPORTS Game Changer