NCAA Football 14 Playbook 5: Season

College football is all about following your favorite team. Living and dying by their performance each week is how real fans get through the season. This year, you can live out your team’s schedule with Play a Season mode in NCAA Football 14.


In Play a Season, you take your favorite team through their full 2013 schedule. There are no off-field commitments to attend to so you are free to leave it all on the field. Every team’s slate of games is 100% accurate, down to the location and time of day. If your team plays in one of the season-opening kickoff games (Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game, Cowboy Kickoff Classic or Texas Kickoff Classic) you’ll find yourself in the Georgia Dome, Cowboys Stadium or Reliant Stadium, accordingly. If it’s true to your team’s upcoming season, then it’s true to the game.

One of the nice things about Play a Season is that without any off-field commitments, you can quickly complete a full schedule and then pick a new team to do it all again. Jump from the SEC to the Big Ten to the ACC and back again, or run through the competition with perennial powerhouse Alabama then see if you can pull off a miracle season with the Kentucky Wildcats.

One thing the development team noticed as the season progressed was more and more fans starting a Dynasty with Notre Dame. Many people who jumped into the mode wanted to see if they could replicate the success of the Fighting Irish, and tried to keep pace with a team that was doing phenomenally well on Saturdays. Play a Season is a great way to connect with the real-world of college football.


Games within Play a Season have all the pageantry and trapping fans have come to expect from the NCAA Football franchise. Rece Davis will welcome you with the pre-game show, setting the stage and introducing the matchup. After a brief music video to get you hyped, you’re off to kickoff and ready to roll.

As the season goes on, Kirk Herbstreit and Brad Nessler will identify Impact Players and offer commentary based on performances. Rece will also chime in at key moments with studio updates that are relevant to your season. Rece will be joined by David Pollack for the halftime show, which shows highlights and offers analysis of the first half and some insights on what to expect in the final two quarters.

The ultimate goal of Play a Season is to provide you with another way to enjoy the passion and intensity of college football. Maybe you want to blaze through your team’s upcoming season, or play each week’s game before it happens. Conversely, you can also revisit the most recent game to either relive the glory of victory or right the wrong of defeat. The most important thing is to have fun. Winning a National Championship isn’t such a bad thing either.

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