Building Up Coach Skills in NCAA Football 14

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One of the biggest additions to NCAA Football 14’s Dynasty Mode is all-new Coach Skills, which rely on experience points (XP) to let you develop your coaches and coordinators. Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities for you to earn XP in Dynasty Mode.

In the “Coach Central” tab pictured above, you will find “Coach XP Goals.” From here, you can see the in-progress goals, like the ones above listed for my Tulsa Head Coach after my season-opening victory over Bowling Green.

The “Coach XP Goals” display eight separate lists of goals that will provide you with opportunities to earn XP that can be spent on leveling up your coach.

“Awards” are accolades that allow you to earn XP used to build your coach and team, while the “Big Games” tab shows all the ways to earn XP by playing in marquee matchups. Winning a bowl game, or even making it to a Conference Championship or BCS National Championship can all yield XP rewards you can use to continue building your program.

The “Game Stats” tab shows what you can earn in a single game. The goals here include basics like scoring a touchdown, forcing a turnover, or racking up specific yardage. You’ll earn XP each time you hit a particular stat goal, so keep your foot on the gas pedal. 

For those coaches looking to send talent to the NFL, the “Pro Draft” tab lists out the amount of XP you can earn for having your players drafted. XP rewards range from 500 points for a first-rounder to 50 points for a seventh-round selection.

The next set of goals concerns both single-game and school “Records.” Because of their difficulty, these goals have some of the highest XP rewards. I was fortunate enough to complete the “NCAA Record: Longest Kick Return” goal for 300 XP in my first game of the season, recording a 101-yard kick return. I also was able to earn XP by setting school records for Rushing TDs and yards in a season. 

Championships are won on the recruiting trail, and the top recruiters will also have opportunities to earn XP. Signing a prospect is the basic goal, but you can earn more points for locking down elite prospects, or locking out another user in Online Dynasty

The next-to-last set of goals concerns “Season Stats,” which rewards XP for players that they hit different statistical thresholds. Some of the goals include scoring 50 touchdowns on the year, forcing 20 turnovers, and rushing for 2,000 yards.

The “Team” goals tab displays team-oriented goals such as appearing in a bowl game or winning a neutral-site game. Neutral-site games are new to NCAA Football 14, so schedule your own to earn a quick 75 XP. 

As you play Dynasty mode in NCAA Football 14, you’ll be notified of new XP when you complete different achievements. The progress bar shows how much is needed to level up, which is key to unlocking new enhancements in the Coach Skills Trees. You can determine how quickly (or slowly) you accumulate XP when you first create your new Dynasty.

The addition of XP to Dynasty mode in NCAA Football 14 keeps you striving for goals while still putting together a winning program. This makes the mode even more addicting than before.

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