NBA LIVE 14 Twitter Q&A

Scott O'Gallagher is the Gameplay Designer for NBA LIVE 14, which releases later this year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. O'Gallagher took to the keyboard today to answer fans' questions on the official NBA LIVE Twitter account

When can we see 5-on-5 gameplay?

We'll have an event later this summer where we unveil our 5-on-5 gameplay in a hands-on fashion, and we will obviously follow that up with online videos.

Give me one reason to give your game a shot come November.

I am not going to try to sell you ... we've done too much talking over the past few years and haven't delivered. You will have an opportunity to try before you buy, and our intention is to let the game speak for itself.

Will bounceTEK further differentiate good ball handlers from poor ones?

Yes, this year is all about authentic responsiveness. By releasing the ball with physics, we have different animations depending on skill level.

What sort of advancements can we expect on defense and rebounding?

That information will be released at a later time, just know that we really wanted to focus on balance and the value of true competitive gaming.

What capabilities do the next-gen consoles give you that you couldn't do on current-gen consoles?

I am really excited about the experience we're building for the connected consumer, which is something that these new consoles are allowing us to do. More memory and a faster processor obviously allows for more animation and greater visual fidelity to put us in a position to recreate the NBA game.

Are physics going to be animation driven, or truly dynamic in regards to player contact and reaction?

We don't have anything that's decided on the floor or "pre-canned." An example of that is a mid-air collision. When a defensive player goes up to block a finish at the rim, he's entirely independent from the offensive player.

What are you guys doing in regards to player models?

I am really excited about how great our players look and how they move and react on the court.

What can you tell us about improved foot planting and player sliding?

Our new locomotion system results in authentic movement. Guys who played the demo at E3 can attest to this.

What is your main vision to re-introduce the NBA LIVE franchise to the gaming community?

We are looking to innovate in the basketball category. We want to provide the gaming community with something fresh and different, but also authentic to the core of the NBA. Again, I don't want to sell everyone on how great NBA LIVE 14 is going to be…I want the game to speak for itself. I am really excited about where we're going with 5-on-5 gameplay, ball physics, and creating authentic responsiveness. Also, I can't say enough about our commitment to providing updated data from Synergy Sports. This partnership will continuously provide fresh content and updates to keep the game in lockstep with the real world.


NBA LIVE 14 will be available later this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Preorder today, and be sure to check the NBA LIVE website, Facebook, and Twitter for updates throughout the summer.