MUT - Team Management

Coming in the new title update for EA SPORTS Madden NFL 13, you are going to see some significant changes to how Team Management works in Madden Ultimate Team… very significant.

The first thing you will notice when you enter your Lineup screen is that we’ve now broken out the aspects of your squad from simply offense/defense/special teams to something more specialized. Madden Ultimate Team fans will be able to set their ground game, passing game, defensive front, and defensive secondary separately, along with now showing you the players you have on the bench for those respective positions.

It’s a simpler, more complete way to see the make-up of your entire team, not just the starters, and we also have a very specific reason for this. Also coming in the latest title update – multiple line-ups will be introduced into Madden Ultimate Team.

We know that a large drive from our fans is certainly to have *the* Ultimate Team, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a squad of all 99 rated players – some fans want to build the best possible team using players only from their favorite NFL team, or go further and create separate line-ups that play to certain card’s strengths.

Now in the coming title update you can. We are letting you create up to five separate line-ups that can easily be switched in the lineup screen. Feeling like a run-heavy offense after a new Gene Upshaw or Walter Payton has been released? Done. You will be able to save each line up so tweaking them all at once is simple. You can now have your beast 99 OVR team, your carefully crafted Patriots squad, or your Robert Griffin III led read option offense switchable in just a few button presses.

But we’re going one step further in the changes to the Team Management screen. We often receive many questions about boosts on player cards, both how they work and how do they stack on top of each other. The last big element changing with the Team Management screen is an all new Boost scoreboard that when triggered will show you all the boosts you have acquired on your current starting line-up. What else does this mean? You can now better manage a team that may not necessarily need all those 99’s to be a steamrolling Madden Ultimate Team squad.

We’re pleased to announce these new features, and hope they make you Madden Ultimate Team experience more manageable and fun… but we have ONE MORE huge feature to reveal to you… later (but very soon!).

Thanks for taking the time to share with us in our new Madden Ultimate Team features. See you on the gridiron!

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Other Patch #4 Tuning/Fixes:

Gameplay Tuning:

- Fixed an issue where Squib Kicks can be recovered by the kicking team while taking very little risk

- Fixed an issue with Coaching Option Audible where Shotgun formations are not available in the Panthers playbook when a user’s attempts to set their audible by formation.

- Fixed an issue where the MLB can get instant pressure on Shotgun passing plays when being hot routed to a hook zone, placed in the A Gap, and then have the defense run commit.

Connected Careers:

- Fixed an issue where the web panel on the main menu is blank

- Fixed an issue where the user will be unable to save any edits to any existing NFL players with a name that is flagged as profane