Madden Ultimate Team - Halloween Most Feared

Who are the most feared players on the Gridiron?

It’s Halloween, which means there is no better time to celebrate the players in the NFL that strike fear in the hearts of those that line up against them. Ask yourself this question: if you were an NFL running back, and you turned up field to try and break one open, and there, charging down on you, was Clay Matthews?

Probably time to look to head out of bounds.

We’ve collected 11 of the most feared players of the NFL, including Jared Allen, Madden NFL’s runaway fan vote choice as one of the scariest players on the field, and are giving you new content every single day in Madden Ultimate Team to recognize them. There are new cards, new collections, new Solo Challenges, and a special collection for the man who inspires more fear than perhaps any player in the NFL, Beastmode himself, Marshawn Lynch.

Here’s how it works. We’ve dropped 10 new “Trick” cards in Madden Ultimate Team packs that feature 10 of our Most Feared players. Each day we are adding new Solo Challenges for those same 10 players – beating their Solo Challenges will then unlock for you a “Treat” card for that player. Snag both the “Trick” and the “Treat” card of the same player and you can complete their “Most Feared” collection – giving you a boosted version of an NFL monster.

But Halloween isn’t Halloween without candy.

Completing a “Most Feared” collection will also give you a special key pack that contains one of six pieces needed to complete a collection for the ultimate Most Feared card, a 99 OVR Marshawn Lynch. You can also get two pieces by purchasing a special 14 pack Legend bundle in the store, or by trading or buying them in the Auction House. Putting them together means you have the ultimate bulldozer in the backfield, an RB with unmatched intensity; an irresistible force.

Trick cards are live in Madden Ultimate Team now, and we have already added three new solo challenges and collections, but there is still plenty of time to hop in and get involved with Madden Ultimate Team’s “Most Feared.”

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