Mole’s Top 3 New Road to Glory features in NCAA Football 13

How’s it going NCAA Football Fans. For those of you who enjoy the Road to Glory Mode June 11th was a big day since EA SPORTS was releasing the fifth feature playbook, “Road to Glory 2.0.” This year Road to Glory (RTG) added new features that will make the experience of taking an athlete through high school, working your way up the depth chart, gaining National exposure, and hopefully coming away with some Heisman Trophies and Championships better than ever before. So after looking at all the videos and blogs on Road to Glory 2.0 I decided to give out my top 3 new features for this year’s mode.

3) Difficulty Setting- Now I know it’s not the sexiest new addition and your probably wondering why this should even be considered a top one so let me explain. Since Road to Glory has started I have been able to dominate with my running back (I typically do RB or QB) since the beginning of my freshman year. I never felt challenged so after a few games it bored me. I didn’t enjoy running for 250 yards and 5 TD’s against Alabama’s Defense every year because I didn’t feel I needed to try. With being able to customize my difficulty setting from freshman to Heisman I will be forced to work at my accomplishments. Now since I like a challenge meeting my goals will be addicting to me and make me want to play more, then when I eventually become a national star I will feel like I made an honest effort.

2) Accomplishments/Goals- The accomplishments in RTG are ways to really see how you really perform on the field. Every single NCAA, school, year and season record possible is included in the accomplishments screen, along with position-specific goals which will really challenge you throughout your college career. In NCAA Football 13 after achieving these goals you earn medals, which are added to your overall Legend Point score.

1) Reaction Time- Now this all-new gameplay feature won me over in the NCAA Football 13 Demo when we got a chance to use it with RG3.  Unlike the Heisman Challenge mode where a full 15 seconds of Reaction Time is handed to you, in RTG you have to earn the amount of time you can use it in a game. Reaction Time is based off your Awareness rating. The higher your awareness rating, the larger your meter grows. When you start your career, you will have a small amount, but as you progress throughout college, you can use the upgrade store to buy Awareness boosts, which in return increase your total amount of Reaction Time.

So those are my top 3 features for NCAA Football 13 Road to Glory. Lots of great things added that make this year the best RTG ever. Also added to the mode includes being able to return kicks full time with a RB/WR/DB, 8 new high school fields, and a new scouting system for your player. So let me know what you guys think of RTG this year! Don’t forget to check out to check out my latest gaming videos and blogs.