Compete in the HUT Mile High City Cup

Is this the year the Avalanche return to the playoffs in the Western Conference? With a lineup featuring young stars like Duchene, Landeskog, Varlamov, Stastny, and Johnson, they will have a good shot. If you have six or more Avalanch players on your HUT roster, take part in this tournament and play for a chance at 4000 EA Pucks. This tournament is available from January 22nd – January 28th on the HUT main menu.

Team requirements:

  • Minimum of six Colorado Avalanche players
  • Team Star Rating must not exceed 3.5
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 85

Tournament details

  • Featured Online and Offline
    • Offline tournament winner receives 1,500 EA Pucks [Pro Difficulty]
    • Online tournament winner receives 4,000 EA Pucks [All Star Difficulty]

            Tournament ends: Jan.28th

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