Tiger Tips: Taming Amen Corner

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Today's Game Changers blog comes to us from Michael Amspaugh, known on XBL and PSN as “cccgolfer08.” Michael’s expertise is the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR franchise and he has been to three Community Days at EA Tiburon in Orlando, FL.  Follow him on Twitter at @cccgolfer08.

Green Jackets can be won and lost at Augusta's famed Amen Corner. Want to put the ball in the hole like a pro? Read on to discover the best way to traverse three of golf's most beloved challenges.

Put the ball near the arrow on Hole #11 at Amen Corner

Hole 11 (Dogwood): With the Sunday pin location, a par is a solid score on this hole. The pin is tucked back behind the water on the left side of the green. Since there is not a lot of green to work with, play it safe and take the water out of the equation. Try and place your drive in the middle or towards the right of the fairway to give yourself a nice angle to the pin location. From the middle of the fairway it’s about 25 feet down in elevation to the green. A smart play is to hit it straight towards the mid-left part of the green just to the right of the water.

If you want to give yourself an even closer look at birdie, you can try hitting a draw to the back left flag location, but you risk over drawing it into the water. You'll want to hit a club that is about 10 yards shorter than the pin because of the elevation change. So if you are 185 yards to the pin, you are going to want to hit your 175-yard club. The green slopes from back to front, so keep that in mind when you are hitting your approach.

Your best-case scenario for Hole #12 at Amen Corner.

Hole 12 (Golden Bell): This par 3 is infamous for its swirling winds. Zoom out to the flag to see what direction the flag is blowing. This makes it so much easier to play the hole.  If you are playing without zoom enabled, you can do a flyby through the start menu to see the flag.

I recommend trying to play the ball a little left and past the hole. If you barely land it on the front of the green, the ball can roll off and into the water hazard. Check and see how the wind is playing, and try to play it just over the flag stick and you will be left with a downhill putt without much break.

Stick it near the pin on Hole #12 at Amen Corner.

Hole 13 (Azalea): This dogleg left par 5 has the potential to be an Eagle hole if played correctly. On the tee shot, you have the option to hit a straight drive in the middle of the dogleg and leave yourself about 215 yards, or you can try to play a power draw and leave yourself a shorter shot. Either way, you will be able to reach the green. I recommend hitting a straight tee shot into the fairway so you avoid the trees on the left, which could drop the ball down into the water hazard easily and lead to a high number.

On the fairway, you’re going to notice the ball is significantly above your feet. This will make the ball kick to the left about 10 yards or so. You want to land the ball just left of the flag stick and let it trickle towards the hole. The entire green will be breaking from left to right. You can always play it towards the left side of the green for the safe play, but I usually try to land it just a few yards left of the hole. Because of your lie, aim your marker a little right of the hole and it should kick left of the hole for you. You should have a nice look at Eagle and at worst, a tap-in for Birdie.

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