Managing Your Stamina in Fight Night Champion

What’s happenin’ Fight Night Champion fans!  In comments we’re seeing everywhere from Facebook to Twitter and from GameTrailers to Operation Sports, it looks like you’re all getting pretty jacked up for the next boxing title to come out of EA SPORTS Canada.  Let me tell you that the team has been working non-stop around the clock working on an unbelievable demo and putting on the finishing touches for the game due out March 1st, now just a mere handful of weeks away.


Sure, we’ve put out four trailers, two Producer videos, five Champion Mode Monolgue videos, and two more Quick Clips including an improved Ring Entrance and a first look at Bare-Knuckle fighting.  But I know what you guys want to see most:  Straight-up gameplay, am I right?  Well, I can dig that and what I wanted to show here are some clips illustrating what I would consider good versus poor Stamina Management.


If you missed the Stamina Video released earlier this week, check it out here:


Stamina Video with Producer Brian Hayes


In Quick Clip #3 below, I put together two clips with the first 35 seconds showing me spamming Marvin Hagler’s jab over and over along with other punches pretty much in a non-stop manner without much defense.  Again, this is WHAT NOT TO DO!  This will temporarily tire out the stamina in your arms (left, right, or both) pretty quickly and will also have an effect on the max stamina or endurance that you will be able to recover over time.  As you can see in the second half of the QC #3, Marvin ain’t looking so Marvelous and is pretty gassed by the 5th round, while Winky Wright is still fairly fresh and has no trouble putting my tired butt onto the canvas.


Stamina Mismanagement


In the rematch highlighted in Quick Clip #4 below, I do a little better managing Hagler’s punches using my block, throwing combos, and weaving to avoid punches.  You’ll also notice at the end of the 2nd round that my stamina recovers 10% as I managed my work around the ring better than Wright who punched quite a bit during the round and gained only a couple of stamina percentage points back.  In the 10th, my stamina management is rewarded with a Marvelous knockdown that Winky is unable to pop open his eyes from.


Stamina Management


Let me know what you think about the new Stamina, Endurance, and Corner mechanics in the comments below.   


Look out for updates from the team, Quick Clips, Live Chats!