Madden Nails Super Bowl XLVII Prediction

Madden NFL 13 correctly predicted a three-point Baltimore Ravens win in Super Bowl XLVII, and the franchise has now correctly called the winner in eight of the last 10 Super Bowls. Madden NFL 13 even accurately forecasted Joe Flacco as the game's MVP.

Going deeper, the video below also foretold touchdowns for Anquan Boldin and Frank Gore, and was nearly perfect in predicting Colin Kaepernick’s stat line. Kaep went 16-28 with one touchdown and a pick in Super Bowl XLVII, just two incompletions and one pass attempt short of the predicted total. In addition, the simulation also correctly included an Ed Reed interception as the only pick in the game.

Madden NFL Super Bowl predictions are incredibly accurate due to the game’s authentic gameplay, the development team’s unparalleled access to NFL resources and its prominent place in NFL culture. Because of these factors, over the past 25 years, Madden NFL has become known as the 33rd franchise.

On Friday, Electronic Arts officially announced Madden NFL 25, launching on August 27. This year's game features a new fan Cover Vote in partnership with ESPN that will pit the NFL's greatest legends against today's biggest stars. For more information on the announcement and the Madden NFL 25 cover vote, please click here.