Madden NFL 13 Midnight Release, As Seen on Instagram

Last night while many of you were asleep Madden NFL 13 hit the shelves.  As the Madden fans waited in long lines they took to Instagram to share their experiences. There were literally tens of thousands of pictures you guys posted to Instagram last night.  Great job! We’ve collected the best of them below.  Let us know which was your favorite in the comments.   


It looks like @ball14r was first in line for Madden NFL 13.

Some of the lines were 40 to 50 deep at GameStop to pick up the code for the New Era EA SPORTS cap. 

Thanks to @paki_rican for this shot.

@buffboyaaron had a long night.

This shot from @zapolar was one of our favorites.  Check out all the jerseys.

Lines wrapping around the register at GameStop all for Madden NFL 13.  Thanks @callmeandyv

Moments after the clock struck midnight stores starting selling out as you can see in this shot from @bizzy252

Thanks to @michaelcolander for this shot of pure Madden bliss.

Are you as excited as @Joehamblin for Madden NFL 13?

We are pretty sure @theejorelleyyuvienco7 has not slept yet.

If you have a story of your midnight release share in the comments below.  Thanks to everyone who was a part.  You can follow EA SPORTS in Instagram @EASPORTSInsider, and Madden NFL @EAMaddenNFL.

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