Madden NFL 13 Guide

Hey Madden fans! I’m Jake Stein, Assistant Producer for Madden NFL 13. This was my first year on the team and was amazed by how much we were able to add to the game. With a brand new mode like Connected Careers, a new website, and numerous gameplay enhancements, we as a team felt it was necessary to surface the proper information needed to grasp the depth of Madden NFL 13.

So with that said, I’ve helped to create a detailed PDF manual for Connected Careers, as well as a guide for the Connected Careers website. I wanted to make sure everything that could potentially be confusing to the user was explained thoroughly in hopes of creating a smooth gameplay experience for you all.

Connected Careers is massive and the manual is indicative of that. With over 170-plus pages of details and custom game plans for each team, we succeeded in explaining all there is to know about this robust game mode. The Connected Careers website also required a walkthrough guide because Madden has never offered this much control away from the console.

The extended online PDF manual is a deeper take on the manual you’ll find in-game. We can only squeeze so much into the in-game manual, and we really didn’t want to overcomplicate things for the user when they are in-game. In other words, having an online PDF gave us a platform to take the extra step of going more in depth.

I hope you all are enjoying Madden NFL 13. We will continue to update these documents throughout the year so make sure you check back for the latest content. Thanks and we’ll see you on the virtual gridiron!

Game Manuals

Manual for Madden NFL 13 on Xbox 360 (PDF)

Manual for Madden NFL 13 on PlayStation 3 (PDF)

Connected Careers Manuals

Madden NFL 13 Connected Careers (PDF)

Connected Careers Website Guide (PDF)