Indigo72's Blog: Living with FNCWS

Anthony “Indigo72″ Lynn is the founder of, a website dedicated to the foundation of the future stars of boxing.  A full-time Registered Nurse, Indigo72 is one of the moderators on the EA SPORTS Fight Night Forums along with being a USA Boxing official and member of the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board (NJSACB).  Look out for Fight Night Champion feature blogs from Indigo72 in the near future.

Sitting here back in Jersey going through what I like to call FNCWS (Fight Night Champion Withdrawn Syndrome) I can’t help but try to figure out how to get over the symptoms. Constant flashbacks of screen shots, new and exciting things floating in my head and Gameplayitis. I called my doctor and he laughed at me and charged me a $10 co pay. I tried explaining it to my mom and she told me go to church and pray on it. My fiancee? Yeah right, she totally doesn’t even want to hear about it and I can’t blame her.

Only thing I can think of to take away the symptoms is:


I can safely say that going into the Community Event I had expectations and thoughts and I wasn’t going to just be swayed so easily by graphics and sweet talk. No way at all. I had my pen, notepad, iPad, highlighter, list of other users’ requests and concerns and a whole lot of bubble gum (I’m talking that Big League chew type gum homie). Once the team started talking I listened and in a few moments it came to me:

(In my Boy Wonder voice) “Holy Hippo Sauce Batman, they listened.”

I became, not a fan or a kiss up (heck no) but a believer during and after the presentation. When I got the chance to actually play the game and see all the goodies I didn’t become a groupie (so what I had the Dev Team sign my boxing boots….sue me) I became encouraged, hopeful and excited!

I can say with a strong confidence that I am truly enjoying the direction the team is taking. I can’t wait to share my thoughts on all the things I’ve seen when the time permits. However, for now I will have to deal with my FNCWS on my own.

Until the next round…