Producer Blog - Legacy Mode Venues #2

Hey Fight Night fans, Jazz back with the second of three blogs looking at Legacy Mode venues you’ll be able to train your boxer at during your road to glory.  If you missed the first venue blog featuring the Home Gym, North Philly Gym, and the Motor City Boxing Club check out details on those venues here.

In this blog, I highlight two more venues:  the Campeon Del Mundo Boxing Gym in Puerto Rico and the All England Boxing Club in the UK.  Let me know what you think about these venues in the forums.


With a slightly higher XP bonus for nailing the scoring targets and a camp boost to a fourth attribute in Athleticism, this Puerto Rico location is the most inexpensive of what are considered to be the “Tier II” camps. Sparring in the intense humidity will augment Strength, Conditioning, Toughness, and Reflexes, which means Campeon del Mundo Boxing offers the largest spread of increases to Athleticism among its competitors.


If your idea of turning up the heat doesn’t involve training in Mexico or Puerto Rico then step right up. The All England Boxing Club can turn any fresh-faced greenhorn into a lean, mean, inside fighting machine, striking fear into your opponents whenever you decide to step on the gas. Sparring here will reward you for being up close and personal, so stay inside your partner’s offense without taking a hit to receive a big increase to Strength and Endurance.