Producer Blog - Legacy Mode Venues #3

Hey Fight Night fans, Jazz back with one last blog looking at Legacy Mode venues you’ll be able to train your boxer at during your road to become a champ.  If you missed the first venue blog featuring the Home Gym, North Philly Gym, and the Motor City Boxing Club check out details on those venues here and learn about the Campeon Del Mundo Boxing Gym and the All England Boxing Club in the second venue blog here.

In this blog, I highlight two more venues:  the Big Bear Boxing Club and the Azteca Club de Boxeo.  Let me know what you think about these venues in the forums.




With an esteemed history of training up athlete’s from a variety of sport disciplines, it is no surprise that Big Bear has been the second home to some of boxing’s greatest. The prolonged effect of training in such a high altitude means Big Bear boasts the largest increases to short- and long-term stamina, so expect to see big gains across your Conditioning, Endurance, and Toughness.



Mexico has produced some of the most prolific fighters in boxing. It is for this reason that the maximum amount of XP you can earn during camp at Azteca Club is unparalleled. However, with a heavy focus on speed and sparring instead of bag games, getting there will be difficult. Couple this with training at an altitude of 7,349 feet above sea level and you may see your Toughness and Endurance tested to its limit.